What is the Hybrid Prosthesis?

What is the Hybrid Prosthesis?

We feel you deserve to know that facts. In our article we’ll cover the following topics:

What is the Hybrid Prosthesis?

Who is a good candidate for the Hybrid Prosthesis?

How is the Hybrid Prosthesis different than other procedures?

How long is the procedure?

What is the healing time for the Hybrid Prosthesis?

How much does the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure cost?

An excellent option for total teeth replacement: Hybrid Prosthesis.

Imagine waking up in the morning with dentures and going to bed that same night, with permanent teeth. Teeth that are not taken in and out but rather anchored in place. A natural looking new smile, just like the one that you dreamed of having again.

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What is the Hybrid Prosthesis?

The Hybrid Prosthesis is one of the most innovative options for missing teeth that can be done by a dentist in Lincoln, NE. The Hybrid Prosthesis procedure allows you to have your teeth replaced in a single visit. An oral surgeon will remove the teeth and place implants. Immediately following, dentures are secured so that you can leave the same day with a great smile. You can continue smiling while you await the healing of your implants and the fabrication of your new implant-retained dentures. This is just one of the many dental services that are offered at South Lincoln Family Dentistry.

Hybrid Prosthesis

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The perfect option for people who want to never again worry about removing their teeth!

Bone disease, tooth loss, and gum disease affects many people. It is a fact that millions of people are affected worldwide. You can find them on nearly any continent and in any age group. Globally, there are several hundred million people who are thought to be missing at least one tooth, if not more. Also, it is also thought to be true that there are more than 40 million people alone just in the United States who are completely edentulous. Jaws that are entirely edentulous, or have no teeth, pose much more of a handicap than many of us realize. There are several significant barriers, however, to solving this problem. Some of the factors include but are not limited to stagnant technology, the complexity, and the associated soaring treatment cost. But, with new and innovative solutions, this no longer needs to be the case. There is a solution; a cost-effective, proven solution – it’s the Hybrid Prosthesis solution done by a dentist in Lincoln, NE!

The Hybrid Prosthesis is a revolutionary concept that provides patients with fully functioning teeth in one single procedure. These new teeth rest on dental implants, and better yet, take roughly only an hour to complete. Developed by Nobel Biocare, this technology allows for collaboration between both the surgeon and the restorative doctor. The merging of this experience and knowledge achieves not only an increase in safety but a more precise placement of the implants. Besides, the final prosthesis fabrication is complete before surgery. This implant surgery, which is guided by a computer, is done similar to that of an arthroscopic fashion. Also, it doesn’t require any flap reflection. Not only does this benefit the patient in the sense of less postoperative discomfort; there is also less swelling and bruising. Generally, patients can resume their normal activities the following day.

The process begins with a CAT scan of the patient’s jawbone. This scan allows for the production of a three-dimensional model of the jawbone. The CAT scan is then used in combination with virtual reality software to layout the implant placement. This can be done without the physical presence of the patient. Ultimately, this technology allows for more accurate implant placement, and also requires less time from the patient.

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Who is the ideal candidate?

If you aren’t sure if you’re a good candidate, just search for a “Hybrid Prosthesis dentist near me in Lincoln, NE” and let us help you. We would be happy to discuss your options with you.

Who is a good candidate for the Hybrid Prosthesis?

The ideal candidate for the Hybrid Prosthesis (teeth-in-a-day) are those who are close to losing all of their teeth or those who currently wear dentures. Our Lincoln dentists can help determine if the Hybrid Prosthesis is right for you.

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I was told that I am not a candidate for an implant or a permanently fixed bridge because of bone loss.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants associated with the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure?

Roughly 90% of patients that are told they are not candidates for traditional dental implant options do make good candidates for the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure. In most cases, this procedure requires no bone grafting or sinus augmentation. Also, it uses the front area of the jaw.

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What makes this procedure different?

Taking into consideration that the frontal part of the jaw is composed of more dense bone, this technique is considered different.

How is the Hybrid Prosthesis different than other procedures?

To elaborate, the Hybrid Prosthesis is different because it places the implants in back, at an angle. In short, this will eliminate the need to use the conventional method of placing the implant straight into the bone, which often requires a sinus lift with bone grafting and a minimum 6 to 9 months of healing time. Not only is dense bone in the frontal part of the jaw beneficial, but a longer implant can be placed using a much less invasive approach and eliminating the need to enter the sinus cavity.

How long will the procedure take?

While the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure is relatively quick considering the amount of work being done, many still want to know the specifics and we understand.

How long is the procedure?

Typically, the surgery takes 2 hours per arch and is done under sedation (Sleep Dentistry). You will get multiple implants placed and leave with a temporary fixed bridge, in just one day. It takes, on average, approximately 3 to 4 months for the implants to heal and integrate with the bone. After the healing and integration process is complete, a permanent bridge will then be delivered.

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Should I expect discomfort?

Because the surgery is much less invasive, it is done under sedation, and anti-inflammatory medications are given before the placement of implants. Thus, any anticipated discomfort and swelling should be minimized. To help speed up recovery and healing, our dentist near me in Lincoln, NE recommends taking a few days off from work; using that time to allow yourself a recovery period.

What about healing time before?

Healing time is not required for the placement of a temporary bridge. Delivery of the temporary bridge will happen on the day of your surgery.

What is the healing time for the Hybrid Prosthesis?

For a permanent Hybrid Prosthesis, healing time for bone integration is required to secure the fixed/permanent bridge onto the implant. This is because the implants need time to integrate with the bone. The amount of healing time necessary does vary from person to person.

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I need to have all of my remaining teeth extracted
How can the bridge be put on right after the surgery?
Isn’t their time required for healing?
Won’t my gums be too sore to allow for the load of the new fixed bridge?
Are dry sockets possible?

This is potentially the least invasive procedure done under sedation. After the extractions and placement of the implant, the bridge will sit directly on the implants and NOT the soft tissue. The gums are entirely closed entirely and no socket is exposed. Ultimately, this will eliminate the potential for dry sockets. Patients are given an anti-inflammatory medication before surgery. Thus, reducing swelling and helping to minimize discomfort. Nine out of ten patients do not take any medication after the procedure.

What about the cost of the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure?

The cost for every patient varies and is dependent upon bone density and quantity.

How much does the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure cost?

On average, this procedure will cost half the price of any conventional method without any waiting period. Plus, you will have the added benefit of a permanently fixed bridge, all in one day.

Another advantage is that our fees are an average of 30% lower than our nearest competitors. Before the removal of all of your teeth, be sure to come in and get a second opinion with our dentist in Lincoln, NE. When you compare our fees to the others around town, it’s easy to see why our team is the Clear Choice for Hybrid Prosthesis.

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Ready to Learn More About The Hybrid Prosthesis, What’s next?


Attend a Consultation.

very dental implant procedure will begin with a consultation. At this appointment, our Lincoln dentist and Dr. David Rallis will put together a treatment plan, customized just for you. You will also learn just exactly how much the dental implants will cost In the end, this will eliminate the need to worry about any surprise fees.


Pre-Procedure Assessment.

Once you have made the decision to proceed with permanent new teeth and are okay with the placement of dental implants, you will meet with Dr. Brad Alderman and Dr. David Rallis. Together they will finalize your treatment plan and begin preparing everything you’ll need for the procedure. After this exam, you are then ready to schedule your procedure.


Dental Implant Procedure.

It’s your big day! When walking out of your procedure, your dental implants will be in place. You will go home with a non-permanent, temporary set of teeth that will feel, function, and look just like your natural teeth once did.


Post-Procedure Check Up(s).

It is imperative to keep in mind there is going to be a recovery period following the placement of your dental implants. Generally, patients will be on a soft food diet; this may last several weeks up to a few months while the implants continue to heal. A typical patient will come back in for several checkups during this time to help ensure that everything is healing normally. All of the post-op checkups will be done at no additional cost to you.


Receiving Your Permanent Teeth.

The final step! When your mouth has finished healing, and your new dental implants have stabilized, we will replace your temporary teeth with your new permanent teeth.

If a Hybrid Prosthesis is not within your budget, we can provide other more affordable options for dental treatment. Our dentists in Lincoln, NE believe you deserve to have the perfect smile!

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The information on this page was written by Dr. Christine Bergman.

This gentle dentist in Lincoln, NE says: “I am extremely privileged to be part of this amazing profession. I find there is nothing that is more rewarding than helping my patients learn how to care for their smiles in addition to becoming healthier overall. I feel patients deserve personalized dental care. Therefore, quality dental care is my number one goal. While providing top-notch dental care for you, I want your dental experience to be positive and comfortable.

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