Fixing Broken Dentures

Broken dentures, like many other things in life, always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time. Whether it’s right before you are having family pictures, leaving town for vacation, or having a night out with friends, the bottom line is broken dentures are a huge inconvenience. The good news is that our dentist in Lincoln, NE at South Lincoln Family Dentistry is here to help.

For patients that have conventional dentures, they say that chewing and talking can already be a challenging task. Add in cracked or broken dentures, and immediately these tasks become increasingly more difficult, if not impossible. Similar to many other things in life, your dentures have probably broken at the most inconvenient time. While there is no right time for anything to break, you will want to take extra care with dentures. Be sure to get them fixed as soon as possible. Below we will explore how and why dentures break. We will also discuss some of the repair and replacement options. Either of which may help you avoid conventional dentures altogether!

Broken or damaged dentures can be frustrating and our team is here to help. We’ll also cover important topics such as:

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Why do I have broken dentures?

Our “dentist near me” in Lincoln, NE knows that there are many reasons why you may have broken dentures. One scenario could be that maybe your dentures were not a great fit from the start. As a result, because you no longer have the actual roots of your teeth, you will start to lose bone in your jaw.

For this reason, dentures that are not replaced regularly, approximately every seven years, will become ill-fitting. Both your jaw bone and facial structure change. If dentures do not fit correctly, you will not only lose confidence in your smile and the ability to chew, but it will also make your dentures more prone to cracking. Thus, resulting in broken dentures.

Dentures can also break because there is simply nothing as strong as your natural teeth. Furthermore, denture material typically consists of metal, acrylic, or a combination of both. Usually, this material will deteriorate over time. Because dentures are always in a moist environment and go through a continuous phase of handling, talking, and chewing, the metal or acrylic materials break down. Under the circumstances, dentures will become more susceptible to cracks, stain, wear, and breakage.

How do dentures become broken or damaged?

As mentioned earlier, broken dentures often occur because the materials become too worn. Once denture materials begin to show heavy wear, biting into something previously eaten without any problems, can suddenly cause one or more of the teeth in the denture to crack and break off. Having a tooth break on a denture is something that can also happen when chewing if the denture no longer fits well. Another reason for broken dentures could be that ill-fitting dentures might come loose and fall out of the mouth. Dentures can also be accidentally dropped while being cleaned. Either of these situations could cause a single tooth or multiple teeth to come out, and or the complete denture to crack entirely.

Chips and stains can also happen with time. Neither of these particular situations constitutes a real dental emergency. Make an appointment, even if it is before your routine check-up, to have them checked if needed. Doing so will help you resolve any problems and can also help prevent future problems. Likewise, taking care of a small problem could prevent something much more significant. This will help you feel more confident about your smile, too!

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How easily can dentures be repaired?

The ease of denture repair depends upon the severity of the damage. Restoration of a cracked denture is done by bonding it back together. On the wholes, a broken denture usually presents more of an issue. Though it is not impossible to repair a broken denture, it can be more difficult. This is because the strength of the denture is compromised. A new impression of your mouth may be needed to aid in the process of repair or possible replacement, should it be beyond repair. If the denture can be put back together without any gaps or spaces, there is a better chance the laboratory can piece it back together. Keep in mind, this can be done as long as there aren’t too many pieces.

Multiple cracked teeth or complete tooth loss in a denture can usually be repaired relatively easily by a dental laboratory. They can match the actual shape and color shade of the other teeth so that it blends perfectly. In the presence of a small chip, it is possible that your “dentist near me in Lincoln, NE” might be able to smooth it out right in the office. If they can’t smooth it out, however, they may need to send it off to the lab. Typically, however, this will ultimately depend upon the size of the chip and where on the denture it is located.

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Fixing Broken Dentures…where can I get them repaired?

Just as when you initially had your dentures made, it’s always a good idea to visit your dentist directly to address any concerns you may have.

Additionally, you can visit your dentist regarding fit or damage that has been done. When dentures are created, an impression is taken of your mouth. The impression is then sent to a dental laboratory. Ultimately, this is where the fabrication of dentures takes place.

When you need denture repair, going to your dentist in Lincoln, NE will help them determine what steps to take. In addition, they can give you an estimated timeline regarding the length of repair. Although some suggest going directly to a dental laboratory, a dentist is better equipped to help guide you through the proper course of treatment. Your dentist in Lincoln, NE has connections with specific labs and knows the quality of their work. Typically, these labs have a quicker turnaround time and can expedite your case, getting it back when the dentist needs it.

Once a plan is made, and course of treatment determined, the dentist usually either adjusts the denture in the office or calls the lab to have them pick up your case. Additionally, depending upon the damage, a lab can sometimes get the denture back by days end or by the next business day.

Nonetheless, most repair options do unfortunately require you to be without your dentures. However, our dentist in Lincoln, NE, like many others has an excellent working relationship with local dental labs. For this reason, they are able to work extra hard, getting it back to the patient as soon as possible. Our Denture Studio offers emergency dental care and works very closely with labs right here in Lincoln, Nebraska, we can ensure that you will get your dentures back in as timely a fashion as possible.

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Fixing Broken Dentures…can I repair them myself?

It is not recommended by any professional that you attempt to repair dentures yourself. We understand “desperate times, call for desperate measures,” but you could do more harm to your dentures. With this in mind, damage can be made worse even with the use of an at-home denture repair kit.

Our dentists near me in Lincoln, NE at South Lincoln Family Dentistry focus on emergency dental care, and we make sure that we allow enough time in our day to see patients who need emergency dental care. Same day and next day appointments are available. We also have an emergency number if you experience an issue after hours.

Equally important, we prefer that patients call with a denture emergency rather than attempting to repair them at home. Attempting a repair yourself may result in a longer wait for the damage to be fixed by the lab. Learn more from an emergency dentist near me about top-of-the-line dentures.

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How do I properly care for my dentures?

Since we already know that denture materials deteriorate over time, it is essential to take great care of them. Handling dentures with care, will ensure you get the most out of them. When removing dentures, make sure that you are doing so over a safe area. What is a safe area? Many bathrooms have hard surfaces such as ceramic tile, porcelain, or stone. In short, dentures and hard surfaces do not mix.

Dropping your denture(s) on a tile floor or a solid surface counter, is a sure way to cause damage. An excellent solution is to remove the denture over a soft area such as a rug or towel. It neither are available, fill your sink with water. Lean over as you remove your denture. This way, if the denture gets dropped, it will land on a softer surface. This will more than likely protect it from damage.

Another critical step in caring for your dentures is to keep them clean. Keeping them clean isn’t important only for the denture itself but also for the health of your mouth! Because you no longer have your original teeth, doesn’t mean you no longer have to care for your mouth.

A great oral hygiene routine is imperative to prevent infection and the development of fungus, such as thrush. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush with toothpaste to clean any remaining natural teeth and the same toothbrush (or gauze) to clean your gums, tongue, and palate. Use denture cleaner to help clean your dentures and rid them of bacteria.

Do not sleep with your dentures in. While you may feel self-conscious, your palate needs time to breathe without your denture(s) in place. Sleeping with your denture(s) can cause your tissues to become a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.

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Are there any alternative options to conventional dentures?

Yes! Gone are the days of only having one option to replace your natural teeth. If you had conventional dentures in the past, there is a possibility that you might be eligible for another option. One that will make you smile more and restore your confidence while eating and speaking.

Implant-retained dentures are the number one option available to patients today.  An implant is a titanium screw placed directly into the jaw bone and essentially replaces a tooth that is missing. When there is just a single tooth needing replacement, an implant can be used. Once that implant has healed and has integrated into the bone, your dentist in Lincoln, NE will then cement a beautiful, natural-looking crown over the top of it. It functions as a healthy tooth would and in almost all cases, will never need to be replaced!

For a patient who wishes to get implant-retained dentures, multiple implants are placed in the mouth by an oral surgeon. It is common to wear temporary dentures while the implants heal, and a set of permanent dentures are created. Once the oral surgeon has noticed the implants have fully integrated into the bone, your dentist near me in Lincoln, NE will then secure permanent implant dentures over the top of the implants. Two available options are permanently fixed dentures or snap-in dentures. Permanent implant dentures cannot be removed, and they will give you the most security when eating, speaking, and smiling. Snap-in dentures can be removed, but fit much more securely than conventional dentures. This option allows you to use your current dentures with only a few minor modifications. Learn more about implant retained dentures from our dentist in Lincoln, NE.

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Benefits of Implant Retained Dentures

  • Every time the removal of natural teeth occurs, bone loss will happen in that area if an implant does not replace it. Implant dentures prevent bone loss. Multiple implants are placed and fuse into the bone, holding the denture in place.
  • No denture adhesive is needed since the implant denture is attached to the implants.
  • Significantly less movement. Conventional dentures have no connection point except to your gum tissue. They can easily be moved out of position by the lips and tongue. This can be embarrassing and is often uncomfortable. Implant retained dentures are fixed in place. Thus, making them much more secure. Implant retained dentures are held securely in place by permanent dental attachments inserted into your jaw through a surgical procedure providing a more exact and comfortable fit.
  • A better taste experience. Implant retained dentures do not cover the roof of your mouth, so you will be able to enjoy a variety of flavors! Also, there is less food seepage under implant retained dentures because they have a tight fit.
  • Prevention of bone loss in places where implants are placed. Implant retained dentures prevent further bone loss, which helps maintain your facial structure as well as contributes to your oral health.
  • Because the denture sits on the implants as opposed to directly on the gums, they prevent gum irritation commonly associated with conventional dentures.
  • Implants are anchored into your jaw bone and provide stability. They prevent the denture from moving around in your mouth, eliminating the need to worry about dentures shifting or coming out unexpectedly.
  • Stability during eating. Implant retained dentures can add up to 80% more security during chewing. They also offer dietary nutritional benefits. An implant-supported denture allows you to eat crunchy fruits and vegetables, ultimately leading to better overall health. It can even restore full chewing efficiency and capacity.
  • Superior looks. You will no longer need Fixodent®. Implant retained dentures allow you to have a feeling similar to having your natural teeth.
  • Minimal discomfort. Traditional dentures are prone to sore spots caused by pressure points. Implant retained dentures can significantly reduce these pressure points.
  • Enhanced appearance. Teeth loss causes your bone and gums to shrink as well as bone resorption, which will change your face making you look older. This process is significantly slower when you have an implant retained dentures.

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding broken dentures:

Can dentures broken in half be repaired?

In most cases, chipped or broken dentures can be repaired without any problem. The length of time it takes to repair the denture and the cost of the repair depends upon the severity of the damage.

What do I do if my dentures break in half?

If you have a denture that has broken in half, be sure to contact your dentist in Lincoln, NE immediately. While you might be tempted to find a quick fix, do know that in some cases, attempting to fix your dentures at home could make the problem worse.

Is it safe to use super glue to repair dentures?

The short answer is, no. You should never attempt an at-home fix of your dentures with super glue. Not only is super glue toxic, but super glue isn’t made to bond well with acrylic and metal, which are the materials used in many dentures.

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The information on this page was written by Dr. Christine Bergman.

This gentle dentist in Lincoln, NE says: “I am extremely privileged to be part of this amazing profession. I find there is nothing that is more rewarding than helping my patients learn how to care for their smiles in addition to becoming healthier overall. I feel patients deserve personalized dental care. Therefore, quality dental care is my number one goal. While providing top-notch dental care for you, I want your dental experience to be positive and comfortable.

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