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We’ll cover the facts:
1. Services we offer.
2. The Hybrid Prosthesis: What is it?
3. Answers to commonly asked questions.


The Hybrid Prosthesis is the most life-changing procedure in dentistry, and this is possibly due to the number of high technology tools that are available.

Image of a happy patient in Lincoln, NE who is thinking about the Hybrid Prosthesis rather than affordable dentures, even though both options fit her well.
Hybrid Prosthesis

The Hybrid Prosthesis is the most life-changing procedure in dentistry, and this is possibly due to the number of high technology tools that are available.

Image of a man in Lincoln, NE who is wondering about affordable dentures.
Partial Dentures

Partial denture designs and cosmetic options have changed dramatically over the years. We proudly offer aesthetic partial dentures and call them the perfect fit cosmetic partial dentures.

Image of a happy woman in Lincoln, NE who is wondering where she can get affordable dentures.
Cosmetic Dentures

We do offer cosmetic perfect fit dentures for people that are looking for that superior aesthetic look of dentures. Cosmetic Quality, affordable dentures without dental implants are not an option for every patient.

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What happens when we have missing teeth?

You may ask:
Why is it important to replace teeth with a Hybrid Prosthesis/ Bridge?

Your teeth are an essential part of your well-being. Having the option to replace your teeth permanently is a life-changing experience, much like getting a new knee or hip. A hybrid prosthesis allows you to function just like you did with a full set of natural teeth.

In addition to being able to chew food, the removal of infected teeth makes you healthier instantly. When teeth become infected, our overall health suffers due to inflammation. Ultimately, it can lead to diabetes, heart problems, immune system problems, and many other health concerns. An excellent way to become healthier is to remove infected teeth. And, once removed, infected should be replaced.

Removing teeth and becoming healthier!

The presence of infected teeth can affect overall health by increasing inflammation. In addition, overall health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, higher risk for stroke, Rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s and others can set in. Removing infected teeth can instantly lead to an improvement in health. An excellent solution for replacing all teeth at once is to have a permanent non-removable implant-retained MY SMILE TODAY PROSTHESIS.

Hybrid Prosthesis is retained by implants throughout the jaw, and allow a person to have beautiful aesthetics, speak clearly, and restore normal eating habits. It’s like the greatest set of affordable dentures, but better. This is a smile that will last a lifetime.

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Imagine Same Day Beautiful Teeth… For Life

Imagine waking up in the morning with dentures and going to bed that same night, with a new beautiful smile? Teeth that do not come out, but are anchored in place by implants – a natural-looking and feeling new smile, just like the one that you dreamed of having again.

Having the option to replace your teeth permanently is a life-changing experience, much like getting a new knee or hip. A hybrid prosthesis allows you to function just like you did with a full set of natural teeth.

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What is an All-On 4-6 Implant Bridge?

An all-on 4-6 hybrid bridge is created by the removal of all of the teeth in an arch and strategic placement of 4-6 dental implants by an oral surgeon to support a titanium-acrylic hybrid or a zirconia bridge which is attached to the implants. The appeal this prosthetic has for patients is that unlike the traditional “affordable dentures,” these devices do not come in and out of the mouth. Patients have a secure, functional set of teeth.

There are three types of fixed prosthesis options available. Depending on your unique case, your cosmetic dentist and oral surgeon will team up to give you the most functional, beautiful results possible.

Hybrid Prostheses

Hybrid prosthesis model one
Hybrid prosthesis model three
Hybrid prosthesis model two

A hybrid prosthesis is an acrylic prosthetic which is attached to a titanium metal framework and secured to the underlying dental implants. The metal portion of this prosthetic can be modified and covered with acrylic upon patient request.

The temporary bridge which is all acrylic and attaches to 4 dental implants. This type of prosthetic is used for a period of 4-10 months during the healing process.

The type of hybrid material that is chosen by the patient and restorative dentist may depend on the patient’s individual needs. Permanent zirconia implant-supported fixed bridgework is often recommended due to its strength. It is possible to use a combination of acrylic teeth with titanium framework (called a hybrid permanent bridge) is preferable in some cases due to ease of repairs and dura

Who is a candidate for All-On-4-6 Implant Bridge?

For patients who are looking for a permanent option for total tooth replacement, an all-on 4-6 implant bridge is the top option available today. This hybrid bridge allows patients to regain their chewing function as well as give the most natural-looking aesthetic result possible.

An all-on 4-6 same-day permanent bridge is an option for patients who have a history of poor dental health with broken teeth, missing teeth and high rates of dental decay but who do not want to replace their teeth with traditional removable dentures or they have difficulty finding affordable dentures.

Some patients have heard of Clear Choice for this service. The clear choice is a network of dentists throughout the U.S. that are highly skilled in the placement of same-day smiles. This service is also offered by many oral surgeon and dentist teams. In our case, we deliver this service by partnering with the skilled surgical skills of our colleagues at Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery.

During your consultation, there is a possibility that we will take x-rays of your existing teeth or jaw. X-rays will help determine the extent of any current dental infections. We will also analyze the amount of bone present in the jaw. In some cases, additional surgical procedures or healing time may be recommended. Additional time or procedure would be a result of any dental infections that could compromise your results. At this appointment, we will discuss all of your options for total tooth replacement. Here we will help you decide what would be an excellent fit for your needs. If you choose to move forward with the process, we will take impressions of your mouth for your temporary prosthetic. This temporary device will be worn during the healing phase after implant surgery.

At our Denture Studio, we team up with NOFS (Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery) to deliver highest quality results possible. Do keep in mind, you will have a separate pre-operative consultation with NOFS. Typically, a CBCT scan is taken of your jaw to help your surgeon determine the placement of your all-on 4-6 implant bridge implants.

The day of your treatment, the skilled surgeons at NOFS will carefully remove broken and decayed teeth. Most importantly, they will maintain the integrity of the remaining jawbone for an excellent outcome. By preserving the bone, it will help implant placement and integration. Implants will be strategically placed to help distribute chewing forces equally once your prosthetic is attached. Your surgical team at NOFS offers various sedation options to help you relax if you choose during the treatment.

For your smile in one-day treatment, your oral surgeon will deliver your temporary prosthesis to be worn during the healing phase for approximately 4-10 months to give you your smile in one day. The type of temporary prosthesis you are given may depend on various factors and will be discussed with you prior to your surgery.

Your surgeon and the restorative dentist will see you at various intervals throughout your healing phase to make sure everything is healing normally and that you are comfortable in your temporary prosthetic.

Once the healing process is complete, and after careful design, your permanent hybrid bridge will be attached to the implants by your restorative dentist. Although affordable dentures are an excellent choice for many, the hybrid prosthesis takes “affordable dentures” to a whole new level. Less worry and more living! Give the hybrid prosthesis a try, you won’t be disappointed.

The information on this page was written by Dr. Christine Bergman.

This gentle dentist in Lincoln, NE says: “I am extremely privileged to be part of this amazing profession. I find there is nothing that is more rewarding than helping my patients learn how to care for their smiles in addition to becoming healthier overall. I feel patients deserve personalized dental care. Therefore, quality dental care is my number one goal. While providing top-notch dental care for you, I want your dental experience to be positive and comfortable.

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