Have You Tried this Amazing Dentist for Periodontal Disease Treatment?

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Who is The Best Dentist for periodontal gum disease treatment in Lincoln, NE?”

Whether you’re looking for the “best female dentist in Lincoln, NE” or the “best dentist for periodontal gum disease treatment in Lincoln, NE?” Well, you’ll have to do some research and make that decision for yourself, but let’s be clear there is a reason that Dr. Christine Bergman, a dentist at South Lincoln Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE, is chosen by many for the treatment of gum disease. Why?

Who is The Best Dentist for periodontal gum disease treatment in Lincoln, NE?”

In short, the answer lies in the fact that Dr. Bergman fully understands the connection between oral and heart health. Dr. Bergman knows that improving oral health can significantly improve anyone’s quality of life. In short, this dentist in Lincoln, NE focuses on preventing gum disease for better overall health.

Wondering “Can dentists help patients live longer and better?” “Do dentists know about the gum disease and systemic health connection?” The answer is simple. Absolutely!

The mouth is part of the human body and cannot be considered independent. The mouth harbors many diverse microbiomes, the second largest number of microorganisms after the gut, with roughly 500 to 700 species. This makes the mouth a great focal point for developing dental diseases. Unfortunately, this also increases the risk factors for many other systemic illnesses.

Commonly asked questions relating to gum disease and overall health we’ll answer include:

1. Can gum disease be cured without a dentist?

2. How do you get rid of gum disease without surgery?

3. What are my options for non surgical periodontal therapy in Lincoln, NE?

4. Should I see a dentist or periodontist for receding gums?

Our Dentist for periodontal Gum Disease treatment Explains:

Gum Disease and Overall Health

The bottom line is that, without a doubt, heart health and dental health are connected. Scratching your head trying to figure out how? Well, if there is inflammation in the gums, it can cause bacteria by-products to enter the bloodstream and potentially increase the risk for cardiovascular disease. Pretty crazy, right?

Love your heart and your smile.. Dr. Bergman at South Lincoln Family Dentistry has been chosen by many as a great dentist for periodontal gum disease treatment in Lincoln, NE.

It is, but when a dentist like Dr. Bergman focuses on a patient’s health in its entirety, she knows that overall health can be improved by focusing on fixing dental problems. Fixing dental problems can help patients live longer and better. Which, when you think about it, is fantastic. Her philosophy is quite. simple. Gum disease prevention for improved well-being. So, how do dentists treat periodontal disease?

This fantastic dentist in Lincoln, NE offers non surgical periodontal treatment. If you’re one of those people who finds yourself wondering which is better “surgical vs non surgical periodontal therapy,” you’ll find that the “best” option varies based on the current state of the condition and individual patient.

“So, what can a dentist do for gum disease?”

What is gum disease treatment to save teeth? Debating the advantages of a periodontist vs dentist? Wondering who can treat periodontal disease? While a periodontist is a dentist trained specifically in the treatment of periodontal disease, a dentist such as Dr. Bergman is also extremely qualified to provide anyone with periodontitis or advanced periodontitis, with gum disease treatment.

Gum disease treatment often involves special cleanings to get below the gumline to ensure the teeth get nice and clean, even in the spots we can’t see or clean at home. Special techniques and tools used by dental professionals are really the way to go. Treating periodontal disease yourself is one of those things you just shouldn’t try at home.

Now, back to what makes Dr. Bergman a great dentist for treating periodontal disease. Before becoming a dentist, Dr. Bergman was a dental hygienist, which means she has years of experience in the dental field. Not only does Dr. Bergman understand periodontal disease and its effect on overall health, she also understands the importance of offering gentle, non surgical periodontal treatment. You guessed it, Dr. Bergman is really all about healthy gums for a healthy body. What else is this Lincoln, NE dentist all about?

Looking for Dentist for periodontal gum disease treatment in Lincoln, NE?

Or Curious About…

“Who is the Dentist for periodontal gum disease treatment Near Me?”

If you’re seeking outstanding gum care or excellent dental care in general at a dentist office Lincoln, NE, Dr. Bergman is exceptionally passionate about dentistry and thoroughly enjoys patient education. She uses her time with each patient to ensure they are fully educated on achieving optimal oral health. If that means answering questions about non surgical periodontal therapy, healing after periodontal therapy, or diabetes and dental problems, Dr. Bergman has you covered.

Additionally, she’s also eager to provide insight on how to improve daily home care techniques or how to better care for current dental problems to prevent further complications. Either way, her goal is to provide meaningful insight into improving oral health to better your overall health.

Dr. Bergman knows just how significantly oral health can impact someone’s life for better or worse. For example, scaling and root planing to prevent tooth loss, is an excellent non-surgical option for gum disease treatment for improved systemic health.

Two common questions Dr. Bergman often hears are…

“Will removing bad/infected teeth help stop dental disease for someone with many other dental problems?”


“What is the best treatment for aggressive periodontitis?”

Before and after of the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure. The Hybrid Prosthesis is an excellent option for those looking to have a positive impact on gum disease and overall health. Dr. Christine Bergman is an excellent choice if you're searching for a dentist for periodontal gum disease treatment near me in Lincoln, NE.

In this case, Dr. Bergman recommends a comprehensive exam to evaluate all teeth and their prognosis and impact on overall health. Once Dr. Bergman has done a thorough assessment, she can help you better understand the status of your oral health.

She will present options for treating the existing dental disease (which generally includes procedures for gum disease treatment, removing infected teeth, or protecting damaged fragile teeth or, depending upon your situation, the option to remove all teeth and replace them with something called a Hybrid Bridge (also known as All-on-4 dental implants, or Smile-in-One-Day).

And, if you have dental anxiety or dental phobia, Dr. Bergman also offers sedation dentistry to ensure you get the dental care you need and deserve.

Improve Gum Disease and Overall Health with Teeth-In-A-Day Implant Treatment

The Hybrid Bridge Procedure is an excellent option to improve oral and overall health as it replaces all teeth with multiple implants and a porcelain bridge, which sits on top of those implants, permanently replacing all teeth. This full mouth reconstruction with dental implants procedure is much different from dentures in that it is permanently fixed in the mouth and does not need to be taken out the same way that dentures do for cleaning and sleeping.

For those that choose this procedure, Dr. Bergman has seen a considerable improvement in the quality of life and significant improvements in oral and overall health. What’s so great about it? Instant gratification with improved confidence and better oral health all without the hassle of traditional dentures. Summed up into one word it’s, awesome!

“So, is it too late to save my gums?”

The short answer is likely no, it’s probably not too late to save your gums. The Hybrid Prosthesis procedure is truly life-changing.

“Who is the best dentist for gum disease near me in Lincoln, NE?”

Who is the best dentist for gum disease? As we’ve already stated, Dr. Bergman can’t claim she is the “best dentist for gum disease,” but others will tell you she truly has a passion for helping you change your life. Once you meet her, it’ll be easy to see why others feel she is the “best dentist for gum disease.”

Furthermore, choosing to pursue All-On-4 dental implants, or the Hybrid Prosthesis, allows patients the ability to:

Image of a Hybrid Prosthesis. If you are concerned about gum disease and overall health, replacing failing teeth with dental implants could help you. Just look for a dentist for periodontal gum disease treatment in Lincoln, NE today.
  • Put an end to dental disease.
  • Replace all teeth with a natural-looking, beautiful prosthesis.
  • Excellent chewing ability.
  • Allows a confident smile.
  • It puts an end to fixing recurrent dental problems.

How Can you reverse Gum Disease?

Let’s face it; you know how long it takes if you have made multiple dental trips for crowns, fillings, root canals, or other procedures. Investing in a Hybrid Prosthesis will put time back on your schedule, so you can do what you enjoy.

Before and after image of the Hybrid Prosthesis. Curious about "who is the best dentist for periodontal gum disease treatment?" A dentist like Dr. Christine Bergman in Lincoln, NE or a periodontist can help you.

Patients who have gotten the Hybrid Prosthesis genuinely love it. Dr. Bergman loves sharing an incredible story about a patient who came to see her that was embarrassed and avoided the dentist for years because of dental fear. Unfortunately, because of her dental fears, she had many infected teeth. She also saw a cardiologist who wanted her to see a dentist and begin gum treatment. The cardiologist noticed early signs of cardiac disease and wanted her to improve her dental health to prevent further complications.

Surgical Vs Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy

“Who is the best dentist for periodontal gum disease treatment near me in Lincoln, NE”…

What’s recommended?

Although each case is always different, Dr. Bergman will take her time to thoroughly asses the status of your oral health and make treatment recommendations based on clinical findings.

In this particular case below, after coming to Dr. Bergman, it was determined this patient advanced gum disease and multiple infection sites. Dr. Bergman presented her with all of her options, including surgical vs non surgical periodontal therapy. She was also presented with the option of a Hybrid Prosthesis. After Dr. Bergman provided education on all options, she proceeded with the Hybrid Bridge (All-on-4 implants). 

Image of a before and after All-on-4-Implants procedure. If you've have gum disease and suffer from tooth loss, consider restoring your smile with this revolutionary procedure.

Of course, her new smile looks fantastic, but the cool thing is that immediately this patient saw an improvement in her energy level, and let’s not forget the boost in self-confidence. Another bonus? Her blood pressure has also become more stable. Overall, both her oral and overall health has been significantly improved.

The Takeaway

Whether you’re searching for the “best female dentist near me in Lincoln, NE,” or the “best dentist for periodontal disease” there’s a reason Dr. Bergman’s patient’s have chose her.

Image displaying the connection between overall health and gum health. Dr. Bergman, a dentist for periodontal gum disease treatment at South Lincoln Family Dentistry can help you improve your oral health.

The takeaway here is that Dr. Bergman is very passionate about helping patients overcome barriers to achieve optimal dental health, which will improve overall health. Dr. Bergman sees various patients, all of whom face many problems ranging from gum disease to cavities. Dr. Bergman also knows that improving oral health can have a profound impact on overall health–helping patients live longer and better.

The story that was shared is not uncommon–if you feel like you can relate but are afraid or embarrassed to see a dentist, call Dr. Bergman today at South Lincoln Family Dentistry. While there are no claims she is “the best”…we encourage you to check her out. There are so many reasons why her patient’s choose her. Both she and her team offer non-judgmental, gentle, compassionate care in a relaxing environment right here in South Lincoln, NE.

Commonly Asked Questions About…

Periodontal Disease and Overall Health

Answered by Our “Family Dentist Near Me for Gum Disease in Lincoln, NE

Can gum disease be cured without a dentist?

Many times, non-surgical techniques such as a deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, are enough to help control gum disease. However, be sure that once you have restored good oral health, you continue to have routine dental cleaning and check-ups. In addition, be sure to continue good oral hygiene at home by brushing and flossing regularly. The bottom line: always seek the help of a dental professional if you suspect you have gum disease.

How do you get rid of gum disease without surgery?

Scaling and root planing, also known as a deep cleaning, is one of the most tried and true methods of reversing gum disease. A deep cleaning is similar to routine dental cleanings but is far more extensive. A deep cleaning goes below the gum line and cleans areas that can’t be reached at home. Also, deep cleanings are done at more frequent intervals than regular cleanings.

How much for periodontal treatment in Lincoln, NE?

If you’ve ever had any kind of medical procedure you know that getting an exact cost, upfront, can be difficult. If you’re asking yourself why, the answer is because everyone’s treatment needs are different. Treatment recommendations are not universal because a person’s medical history, including allergies, can significantly change the course of treatment. What might be a good choice for one person could prove to be a poor choice for another patient. Our team, however, will do their best to provide a cost ESTIMATE to help you plan for treatment costs.

Which dental insurance is best for periodontal disease?

Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to distinguish which dental insurance company is the best for covering periodontal disease. Dental insurance is different from medical insurance in that it will cover some, but not all of your treatment costs. In addition, dental insurance often has a yearly maximum, which means they will only cover up to a certain dollar amount per year for specific dental services. Each plan is different, so it’s important to know your dental insurance and understand your plan limitations.

What are my options for non-surgical periodontal therapy in Lincoln, NE?

Non-surgical periodontal therapy includes:

  • Plaque removal.
  • Subgingival scaling (above and below the gum line).
  • Root surface debridement.

Should I see a dentist or periodontist for receding gums? Who is the best dentist for gum disease near me in Lincoln, NE?”

See a dental professional if you notice that you have receding gums or some teeth appear elongated. Elongated teeth or teeth that are loose could indicate bone loss or gum recess, both of which are signs of periodontal disease. Both dentists and periodontists (gum specialists) can help manage gum disease.

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Dr. Christine Bergman a dentist for periodontal gum disease treatment in Lincoln, NE at South Lincoln Family Dentistry.

The information on this page was written by Dr. Christine Bergman.

This gentle dentist in Lincoln, NE says: “I am extremely privileged to be part of this amazing profession. I find there is nothing that is more rewarding than helping my patients learn how to care for their smiles in addition to becoming healthier overall. I feel patients deserve personalized dental care. Therefore, quality dental care is my number one goal. While providing top-notch dental care for you, I want your dental experience to be positive and comfortable.

You can schedule with this Lincoln, NE dentist, or her partners, online 24/7 at a South Lincoln Family Dentistry location near you. This “dentist near me” serves the local communities close to Lincoln. Some of the communities include Roca, Bennet, Firth, Crete, and Hickman!

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